Window Marking


A simple safe and effective system for marking a vehicle's glass at production plant, import/export centre or dealership.


  • Character size 5 to 8 mm.
  • Fluid - Proprietary.
  • Time for fluid to mark - 90 seconds.
  • Total marking time per vehicle-circa 5 minutes for 6 windows.
  • Depth of mark - 0.1 mm (Conforms to British Standard).
  • Stencils can be pre-cut with a Logo, unique code and either the 24/7 telephone number of the ISR or, or cut to manufacturer's specific requirements - e.g. the VIN.


  • Easy to apply - operators can be trained in minutes. No capital equipment required.
  • Safe to use - no special clothing, ventilation or handling required.
  • Will not damage other parts of the vehicle.
  • Neutralising agent is water.
  • MSDS Sheets available on request.

Warning decal / Manufacturer's logo
(if required) & 24/7 ISR number


Two options are available – a drive through gantry system and a mobile unit. Both are simple and safe to operate, requiring no protective clothing.


  • Average time to complete a single etch is 0.5 seconds.
  • An experienced operator can etch 6 windows in 35 seconds.
  • Size, content and depth of mark can be tailored to suit customer requirements (maximum size of mark 80 mm x 80 mm).
  • Automatic identification of vehicles before they are etched avoids marking errors.
  • In addition to windows, the system can mark many of the component parts recommended in Thatcham NVSA4A.

For technical specifications:

Mobile unit & drive through gantry system


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