What is the International Security Register?

The International Security Register (ISR ) is a UK-based, highly secure database, owned and operated exclusively by Retainagroup Ltd, the UK's leading supplier of security marking and registration systems to the Motor Industry for over 36 years.
The 24/7 manned ISR contact line (no answer machines or recorded messages!) provides an all year round, immediate verification service by highly trained and security vetted operators adhering to stringent Thatcham audited protocols.

How does the system operate?

The Retainagroup system is based upon three simple but highly effective procedures - Marking, Registration and Verification.

  1. Vehicle windows and/or parts are etched with an overtly visible and permanent unique code and the 24/7 ISR contact telephone number.
  2. Details of your vehicle, together with the etched code and ownership information, will be recorded on the ISR. Confirmation of registration will be sent to you by Retainagroup within 28 days of collecting your vehicle. It is important to contact the ISR on 01233 333000 if you have not received confirmation within that period.
  3. Immediate verification of your vehicle's identity and ownership can be provided at any time of the day or night by just one call to the ISR.

Is it possible for anyone else to obtain my name or any other details through the ISR?

No. If asked questions about your vehicle ISR operators will only confirm whether the information given to them corresponds to the details held on the ISR.
If there is any doubt about an enquiry, an ISR operator will telephone you, the registered owner or keeper to clarify the situation.
Retainagroup is registered under the Data Protection Act 2018.

What should I do if my address or vehicle details change?

Please complete and return the ‘Information Update' form on-line or contact the ISR on 01233 333000

What happens if I sell my vehicle?

Simply complete and return the ‘Information Update' form on-line or contact the ISR on 01233 333000

What is the purpose of registering my vehicle's mileage?

It protects buyers from purchasing used vehicles which have had their mileage falsified. As criminals cannot profit by tampering with a protected vehicle's mileage it creates another deterrent against theft.

How can I register my details on the ISR if I have bought a marked vehicle?

To keep the ISR up to date and ensure that the vehicle continues to be fully protected, please complete the ‘Information Update' form on-line and make a payment of £22.00, the once off registration fee (there are no annual charges or subscriptions) or contact the ISR on 01233 333000