Metal Marking

Marking with stencil and fluid

Our laser-cut ultra-destruct labels can be used with our bespoke fluid to visibly and permanently mark aluminium and other soft metal surfaces. For instance, this method is ideal for protecting catalytic converters from theft.


Developed originally by our R&D department to identify replacement vehicle engines, this portable system is ideal for marking harder metals such as copper and steel.
The depth of etch and size of mark can be controlled to suit the application. For example, to etch ten 5mm characters into hardened steel, to a depth that makes them virtually impossible to remove without leaving signs of tampering, takes about 30 seconds.
Logos, telephone numbers and other information can be added to an identification code, as with the stencil and fluid method.
The system is made up of the following components:

  • Control Unit with Timer. Power supply 220-240 VAC, 50Hz, 2A
  • Pre-cut, self-adhesive stencils
  • Fluid – Proprietary formula
  • Copper or Steel 'Wand' appropriate to surface to be marked


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