UV Marking


Labels are laser cut with the unique code and either the 24/7 phone number of the ISR or www.isrcodecheck.com, depending on the country concerned. The QR code and ISR logo are engraved on each label.

Once a label is firmly in place, any attempt at removal will result in it breaking up into small pieces. Should it be completely removed, provided the fluid has been applied, the code and phone number, or web address, will be clearly readable under UV light.


The ultra-destruct labels for this version of our UV marking are produced with UV in the adhesive. Once a label is applied to any painted metal surface, within a maximum of 7 days the unique code and ISR contact details will be permanently etched into the item.

As in the case of the fluid version, if a label is removed, the mark will be clearly readable under UV light.


Our products and the ISR are fully accredited to the appropriate Standards. Please click here to visit our Accreditation section.
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