Our System

Worldwide no two fingerprints that are exactly alike have ever been discovered even with identical twins.

Fingerprints are therefore truly unique and identifiable throughout a person's entire life. The Retainagroup security marking and registration system provides the same individual identifying characteristics through a totally unique security code.

How does the Retainagroup system operate?
Our system is based upon three simple but highly effective procedures - Marking, Registration and 24/7 Verification - and offers proven protection from theft, identity fraud and cloning of vehicles and other items of value. It also greatly improves the rate of recovery of stolen vehicles and lost or stolen valuable assets.

What items can be protected?
A wide range - from all types of motor vehicle (marking of windows and parts – included catalytic converters) to a bicycle, camera or tablet.

As unique as your own fingerprint

Three simple steps

Vehicle parts or items are etched with a unique security code and the 24/7 contact telephone number of the International Security Register (ISR) or with www.ISRcodecheck.com.

Vehicle or items and owner details are recorded on the ISR, a highly, secure and accredited database.

From an analysis of Police National Computer data, marked and registered vehicles are 55% less likely to be stolen than unmarked vehicles. If stolen, marked and registered vehicles are 45% more likely to be recovered.

Data held on the ISR can be verified online or via QR code. For English speaking customer we also provide a 24/7/365 telephone enquiry service.


Our products and the ISR are fully accredited to the appropriate Standards. Please click here to visit our Accreditation section.
If you are looking for innovative, cost effective solutions to deter and detect crime please call us on + 44 (0)1233 504162 or email general.sales@retainagroup.com