In the UK millions of pounds worth of equipment goes missing every year from business premises, hospitals, schools, universities, local authorities and government departments.

Our security marking system which includes registration of valuable items on the International Security Register (ISR) our secure and confidential database certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 provides an inexpensive but highly effective deterrent to theft.
By permanently marking high risk, valuable assets with a unique security code and the 24/7/365 contact number of the ISR, verification of ownership and status of marked items (if reported stolen) can be provided quickly according to strict security protocols. This significantly increases the difficulty and risk for a thief to re-sell a stolen item. In addition, portable equipment (such as laptops, iPads or smart phones) that are mislaid can be quickly returned to their owners if it is found and reported to the ISR.

We also recommend that bicycles, particularly prone to theft, are marked and registered. Please click here to visit our cycle product page.

The system:

  • Provides lifetime registration - no annual subscription
  • Has been tried and tested for over 36 years
  • Meets 'Police Preferred Specifications'

The code and phone number on the labels are readable at night under UV light even if a label is partially or completely removed.

Each pack provides ultra-destruct labels and UV fluid for protecting 20 items against loss or theft.

Pack with black ultra-destruct labels: £16.80 or with silver ultra-destruct labels: £15.00 - Prices include VAT and delivery.



Our products and the ISR are fully accredited to the appropriate Standards. Please click here to visit our Accreditation Section.
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